Monday, March 30, 2009

Week Three

Well, we said goodbye to big Michael Sarver this week - and frankly, it was no surprise. Mike was never going to win Season 8 of American Idol. He was clearly one of the weaker performers, and if he didn't go this week, he would've departed next week or the following week. But he was never going to be there at the end. He seemed to know it was his time. Michael appeared accepting of the fact that he was unable to compete with the likes of Adam, but was obviously proud of how far he had come in the competition - and rightly so.

I have been describing my dislike of Adam Lambert since the beginning of Season 8. And even though I still stand by the opinion that he seems somewhat fake and almost a caricature of a performing artist, the boy can certainly sing. His performance of "Tracks Of My Tears" was nothing short of sensational. This is a song that can easily be murdered by a lesser vocalist, but Adam was up to the task, delivering a soulful version that seemed to make Smokey Robinson himself trace his own tears of joy at the rendition. However, appearing on stage dressed like some 21st Century Elvis was again a clear depiction of Lambert's penchant for theatrics. Far from being original, Lambert is 'playing the game' - but is there a real Adam Lambert inside the shell?

It was a shock to see Matt in the bottom three this week. This guy, as Randy pointed out, has been a strong contender since the beginning. Matt has delivered a great performance every week - so what gives, America? Of the 30-odd million votes, were 20 million of those just for Lambert or Gokey? Lend your support for Matt, because he is only going to get better and better as the competition progresses.

Some of the other contestants, such as Megan, need to choose their songs a little better. Megan has grown on me after her "kooky" beginnings, and she definitely has the looks and an unusual voice to propel her to the top. But her performance this week was rather dreadful, as was the perpetually boring Scott, who must go next week.

by Idol Man

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