Monday, December 28, 2009

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

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So you want to win a GritFX T-shirt?! My friends over at GritFX are running a tee giveaway!! This is what they have to say...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Idology T-Shirts Competition Winner

I'm always going on about how time flies by, but it certainly has. It's been a long while since I ran the competition to win a free Idology t-shirt and I've been meaning to write a post about it.

The winner of the competition was Laurin Moseley from Batesburg, SC. Here's a picture of Laurin.

Laurin chose the "ADAM - Rock God" as her prize and I'd just like to say "Congrats" to her and a big thank you to all who participated in the competition.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adam Lambert's Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine

Adam Lambert discusses Sexuality, Kris Allen and Life After Idol with Rolling Stone Magazine.

In what was no surprise to most fans of Adam and American Idol, Lambert has finally declared publicly that he is a gay man and proud of his sexuality! The issue of RS with the Adam Lambert interview was timed perfectly to coincide with Pride Week - a celebration of the diversity of the LGBT community.

What was a surprise to fans was Lamberts' declaration about his crush for Kris Allen: "I was like, 'Oh, [expletive], they put me with the cute guy. Distracting! He's the one guy I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type -- except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."

For more information, click on the links for sources.

Rolling Stone Online.
The Washington Post Online.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Cult Movie + Pop Culture Inspired T-Shirts (by GritFX): American Idol 2009 Tour T-Shirts

Saturday, May 30, 2009

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After being featured on the Official American Idol Website, myself and the others at Idology T-Shirts began work on a number of new designs, primarily for the winner of Season 8 - Kris Allen.

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by Idol Man

The Wrap-Up

Well, it's all over again. Another season of the phenomenon known as American Idol is complete and a new Idol chosen. After being the underdog all season, Kris Allen was voted by the public as the 2009 American Idol, beating out the clear favourite Adam Lambert. Kris was visibly shocked when his name was announced, coupled with, I think, a small dose of embarrassment. For Kris was a solid performer, an excellent vocalist to be sure, but not in the league of Lambert. And Kris knew this. He expected to lose and perhaps felt a little unworthy of the crown. Adam was extremely gracious in defeat, and it's a dead certainty that Season 8 of American Idol will not be the last time we see Lambert.

Week Nine saw the inevitable departure of Allison Iraheta, but not before her and Adam took to the stage for an absolute knock-out rendition of Foghat's rock classic "Slow Ride". It was a signature moment for the season, and Allison and Adam displayed the chemistry of artists who had been performing for years together. Their interaction on stage was intimate and natural, and for me, was the highlight of the 2009 Idol season.

The following week saw the somewhat surprising demise of Danny Gokey. Danny had performed well all season, but at times showed that he was relying on charisma alone, for his vocal abilities began to pale in comparison to the consistently maturing performances of Adam and Kris. To be honest, Adam had neither improved nor declined in talent since the start of the season - he was a superstar from day one. The only thing that changed in my opinion was his humility. At the beginning of the season he had shown arrogance and a rather large ego, elements that Simon would argue are prerequisites for success in the industry. Of course, Cowell is right, but that doesn't give anyone the right to be an asshole. I'm not saying Adam was ever that person, but as the season progressed and the Idols became more personally attached (which always happens considering they are housed together), Adam became almost humble.

The real question is how did Adam lose? There is always talk that the game is rigged, but I think that this season proved that the final voting is not. There may be situations within the season that are manipulated to gain viewer momentum - I mean, it is televison after all. It seemed, from talk and discussions on various Idol forums, that those who had been voting for Danny in the weeks preceding his departure, turned their votes for Kris in the final week - thereby sealing Adam's defeat.

But I'm not going to sit here and say that Kris was not a worthy winner of American Idol 2009. He gives the impression that he is a lovely guy, honest and genuine and extremely talented. But, as far as longevity as a recording artist, he may have a short career. Adam had the ability to transform himself, as many great recording artists do - but I can't see that happening with Kris Allen. Then again, so what? There are many artists who produce the same style and sound year after year and enjoy much success. Who's to say Kris Allen won't be taking home a Grammy for lifetime achievement in 2059?

So, all in all, it was an interesting season of American Idol, but it failed to reach the heights of last year. David Cook was perhaps the greatest Idol to ever grace the stage, and when he appeared on the show this year, solidified that opinion. One couldn't help feeling that people were looking for another David, and the fact that he was no longer around seemed to leave a gaping hole in the show. There is much conjecture as to whether Simon will be back again next year. I feel he was greatly disappointed that Adam did not win, for, in his purely Simon way, made a few comments in the last weeks that pointed towards the fact that in Adam they had found the complete package. And finding that is what American Idol is all about.

by Idol Man

Idology T-Shirts - Seen on the Official American Idol Website!

Idology T-Shirts were featured on the official American Idol Website! Needless to say we were excited to see them there...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Week Seven & Eight

Week Seven was a bore - I think I dread Disco Week more than Simon (if that's even possible). It was good to see the end of Lil and Anoop, leaving Matt to clutch his Idol dream for one more week. Lil, as Simon said, had become a shadow of the performer we had all seen in auditions and Hollywood Week. Instead of finding her own voice (and it was indeed a big voice to accompany her 'lil' name) she seemed to allow herself to merely perform caricatures of the artists of the songs she was singing, memorably demonstrated by that Tina Turner strut across the stage. Unfortunately for Lil, it was too late for her to find that voice, and she was rightly ousted from Season 8.

As for Anoop - well, the guy had gotten through many times by the skin of his charm, and he was easily the weakest vocalist remaining in the competition. With the double-goodbye of Week Seven, Anoop was (sorry to say) the deserved second departure.

Week Eight saw Jamie Foxx lead the Idols through their paces for the songs of the infamous Rat Pack. A charismatic actor, comedian and musician, Jamie lent his observations of the style of the era and was as smooth as Frank and Dean themselves. The remaining five performers did well, with Adam again the standout with his sleazy strut down the stairs onto the stage. Kris was also in fine form, and those who have been hailing this guy since the beginning must be ecstatic with how far he has come. A clear dark horse from early on, I can't really recall a week when Kris had a poor night. On occasion he has been (to quote Randy) "solid, dude" and hasn't hit the artistic heights of Lambert, but he has been consistently strong. He also seems as though every word he is singing is directed adoringly toward his wife, which may go a long way in securing his popularity for sheer sweetness.

Week Eight saw the departure of Matt, who had failed to really make an impression despite a groovy, crowd-pleasing rendition of the Bee Gees classic "Stayling Alive" during Disco Week. But his departure clearly left the four strongest contestants to battle it out until the end. I would have thought that Adam would be the favourite, but after he was relegated to the bottom three this week (eventually facing off with Matt), I am not so sure. Perhaps the 'schtick' and theatrics that I disliked early on has been picked up by others and will be his undoing. But, don't ya know - I kinda like the guy now...

by Idol Man

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week Five & Six

How time flies! Is this year speeding by or what?

The last two weeks have been spent working on new designs for the Idology T-Shirts online store, and the time to write has been scarce. But it has given me a chance to reflect on some of the contestants and in particular - Adam Lambert.

I have been ranting about Adam's theatricality since the first week, calling him this and that. But I gotta tell ya, the guy is a showstopper. After his performance of "Mad World" in Week Five, I was reluctantly becoming an admirer. Others here at Idology T-Shirts were lauding Adam from the get-go, but I was on the far side of the fence - now, I feel as though I am sitting on the fence, leaning towards the House of Lambert. I'm a fan of the song "Mad World", and Adam's rendition was magnificent. None of the theatrics had disappeared, but I can no longer deny the guys' talent.

The real delight of Week Five was the departure of Scott MacIntyre. Another dull (and this time awkward) performace with the guitar sealed his fate. I was also growing tired of listening to him constantly retorting the judge's comments, trying to justify his choice of song or what he brought to it. His actions could partly be attributed to nerves, but it also comes from a place of misguided self-belief. The judges are there to give constructive criticism to help the Idols become better performers/artists, and for the most part, the contestants accept and acknowledge the critique. Lil was guilty of the same thing last week, painfully attempting to save herself in the public eye. The pursuit of celebrity at it's worst.

Quentin Tarantino's appearance on the show as "musical director" for Week Six was rather cheesy. Sure, the guy has a brilliant ear for music to accompany the visuals in his movies, but what's he doing advising Idol contestants? In a time-constrained show, Adam was again the stand-out with his version of "Born To Be Wild" - for the umpteenth time breathing new life into a tired tune. The other contestants had a wealth of inspiration to draw from, but most chose standard film tracks that left the entire show feeling a little flat. The real event of the week was the judge's use of the controversial "save", allowing Matt Giraud to remain in the competition. If Matt steps up next week and delivers, he could easily knock Lil out of Season 8 of American Idol.

by Idol Man

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Idol T-Shirts and Flair

Hey there, Idol fans...
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week Four

OK, I said last week that Megan was growing on me. I also said after Week One that she would be more suited fronting a folk-rock band. I think that opinion still stands following her woeful performance this week. She was in tears at the end of the show, but not before displaying some downright childish antics in an attempt to mask her insecurities. She is young, sure, but the one person she should have been listening to (and who had been championing her since the auditions) was instead shown no respect. Simon is the most revered judge on American Idol, and even though he may receive a "boo" from the crowd whenever he lends his opinion, it's just part of the show. He's the guy you love to hate, but you don't really hate him anyway.

So, bon voyage Megan. It was definitely your time and maybe we'll see you again in a more appropriate environment.

As for the Week Four performances - well, for mine, it was a rather lacklustre event. None of the performances were truly memorable, save for Kris. Ending the show with his lovely version of "Ain't No Sunshine" - a song that has been sung almost to death - was a real delight. Kris' work on the arrangement was simply great, breathing new life into a tired tune. Well done, young man.

But the real delight of the week was the appearance of David Cook, last years' Idol winner. David is a bona fide star - charismatic and articulate with a powerful set of lungs. Simon's assertion that one must be conceited to be a star is not lost on Cook, but neither are his humble beginnings. He has confidence to spare but at the same time, brings a humility to his presence that is infectious and admirable. David is a true American Idol.

by Idol Man

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week Three

Well, we said goodbye to big Michael Sarver this week - and frankly, it was no surprise. Mike was never going to win Season 8 of American Idol. He was clearly one of the weaker performers, and if he didn't go this week, he would've departed next week or the following week. But he was never going to be there at the end. He seemed to know it was his time. Michael appeared accepting of the fact that he was unable to compete with the likes of Adam, but was obviously proud of how far he had come in the competition - and rightly so.

I have been describing my dislike of Adam Lambert since the beginning of Season 8. And even though I still stand by the opinion that he seems somewhat fake and almost a caricature of a performing artist, the boy can certainly sing. His performance of "Tracks Of My Tears" was nothing short of sensational. This is a song that can easily be murdered by a lesser vocalist, but Adam was up to the task, delivering a soulful version that seemed to make Smokey Robinson himself trace his own tears of joy at the rendition. However, appearing on stage dressed like some 21st Century Elvis was again a clear depiction of Lambert's penchant for theatrics. Far from being original, Lambert is 'playing the game' - but is there a real Adam Lambert inside the shell?

It was a shock to see Matt in the bottom three this week. This guy, as Randy pointed out, has been a strong contender since the beginning. Matt has delivered a great performance every week - so what gives, America? Of the 30-odd million votes, were 20 million of those just for Lambert or Gokey? Lend your support for Matt, because he is only going to get better and better as the competition progresses.

Some of the other contestants, such as Megan, need to choose their songs a little better. Megan has grown on me after her "kooky" beginnings, and she definitely has the looks and an unusual voice to propel her to the top. But her performance this week was rather dreadful, as was the perpetually boring Scott, who must go next week.

by Idol Man

Week Two

With one person to be eliminated and thus, missing out on a spot in the coveted Idol Tour, there were a lot of nervous faces during the Week Two eliminations. It came down to Alexis Grace, who was perhaps a little unlucky to leave the Idol whirlwind. She had been consistently strong throughout the early stages of the competition but delivered a weak performance during Country week. She was definitley among the worst for Week Two, and even when given another chance for a "save" by the judges, she could not turn the song into her own. Perhaps she was also done in by her smug attitude, which may have alienated some Idol viewers.

Country week sorts the men from the (cow)boys. It is certainly not a style of music that suits everyone. Adam Lambert could not deal with Country and chose a cover of a cover of a Country song. In performing Jeff Buckley's version of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire", Adam delivered almost a parody of popular music itself. His over-the-top "indulgent" (said Simon) performance was unintentionally hilarious. Lambert is a seasoned performer with a strong theatrical background, which gives him both an advantage and a disadvantage. The former being his confidence on stage, whilst the latter consists of a certain amount of 'acting' which is in stark contrast to the rest of the performers.

Scott was typically dull. I cannot understand the fascination with this guy. Is the reason he is still in the competition simply because he is blind? OK, this is harsh of me to say, but let's be honest - he is the weakest performer in the competition. His reliance on the piano will become a hindrance to his longevity. I mean, he's boring to me now, so I can only imagine how he's going to get to me after another ten weeks of piano ballads!

On the other hand, Matt's use of the piano and his soulful crooning are winning me over. Knowing that Matt can easily move away from the piano, he is far more interesting as a performer than Scott. Half of Idol-watching is actually becoming accustomed to a particular performers' sound and genre (for example, Allison has fast become known as a "rocker girl"), and the other half is seeing how they grow in these roles. Some performers do not have much room for growth, and Scott is one of these.

Michael was of course right at home singing a Country tune. He was solid as always and so was Danny Gokey - one of the early hot favourites. Megan led a uncharacteristically mellow performance - she was clearly ill and was given praise from the judges for her "consummate professionalism". But the real surprise of the night was another favourite, Anoop ("Dogg") Desai. After Week One's horrid rendition of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", Anoop was back in form with a smooth, impressive performance. Now that the Top Ten have been selected, American Idol Season 8 is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in the history of this groundbreaking show.

by Idol Man

Week One

It was a rather insignificant first week for the 13 Idol finalists. Only a handful of the contestants managed to really shine in the first Performance Show of the eighth season of American Idol. The stand-out performance for me was from Danny Gokey, who displayed a ton of passion amidst some awkward dance moves. Danny's refreshing, self-deprecating humor was a long way from the arrogance of Adam Lambert, who, despite a strong vocal performance, seemed to agree with Paula's emotional assertion that he was already the competition winner.

As Simon rightly pointed out, there is still a long way to go in the competition, and making comments such as the one Paula made towards Adam is not only premature, but decidedly unfair to the other contestants. It also adds to the inflation of Lambert's already bursting ego - and it is not a pleasant thing to watch. His strutting on stage during his rendition of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" was evidence of his theatrical/stage background, but it felt more like a performance from an actor than coming from any place real.

By contrast, Danny Gokey's rendition of Jackson's "P.Y.T" was brimming with personality and a goofy sense of who Gokey really is. It was endearing, joyful, and totally 'real'. This is exactly the sort of Idol that the voting public (ie; Idol fans) crave - a common man/woman with extraordinary vocal talent that is eventually shaped into a quality performer. Some, such as Allison Iraheta, have already defined themselves and their job now is to grow that definition into a well-rounded 'act'. Lambert, though, seems to have nowhere to go except to become more of a 'rockstar' cliche - he seems to be playing the game instead of being 'in' the game (if that makes sense....?)

Lil Rounds opened the Michael Jackson-themed show with a solid version of "The Way You Make Me Feel". She looked at home on stage and gave a soulful rendition of the song - but she wasn't mind blowing. Following Rounds was Scott MacIntyre who delivered a totally limp performance of "Keep The Faith". The judges are treating Scott with kid gloves, unable to be totally honest for fear of appearing insensitive. But let's face it - Scott is a boring performer. Sure, he has musical talent, having learnt the piano piece for his performance in less than a week. But his presence on stage is void and his vocal ability is really quite dull. There, I said it...

Third for the night was the aforementioned performance by Danny - the highlight of the night, for me. Following Danny was Michael Sarver, the Texan 'roughneck' with the smooth chords. He was good and gave a pleasant version of "You Are Not Alone", but I fear the man does not have what it takes to be a recording artist. He may be more at home fronting a country band than singing solo on Idol. Jasmine took to the stage for a truly horrendous performance of "I'll Be There". Simon was correct in his assessment that she does not act her age - she is like one of those girls who takes up smoking to hopefully look older. Her tone was shrill and irritating and was rightfully booted out of the competition the following evening.

Kris Allen can sing - but did he really need the guitar to accompanying his version of "Do You Remember The Time"? However, he did provide the other highlight of the night when he revealed that he was married, prompting Simon to quip that that should have been kept under wraps for a few more weeks (to develop the female following that he could obviously acquire). When the camera cut to his wife, she was seriously pissed at this comment.

Allison Iraheta once again proved that she will go a long way in season eight. Her rockin' version of "Give In To Me" was the perfect choice for this now developed "rock chick", although she will have to progress as a performer or risk becoming a cliche of herself. One good performance was followed by perhaps the worst performance of the night - Anoop Desai's "karaoke" version of the Jackson classic "Beat It". It was a woeful experience watching "The Dogg" stumble through a song which Paula rightfully pointed out was basically "untouchable". Still, Anoop has a large following and he was saved from the axe when it came to the crunch the following night. If he doesn't improve next week, he'll be leaving the luxurious Idol mansion for good.

Jorge Nunez was the other victim of the first week of Idol finals. Jorge displayed an infectious, likeable personality throughout the initial rounds of season eight. But his rendition of "Never Can Say Goodbye" was saccharine and dull. When Jorge said he didn't want to sing Jackson's "Bad", the forever witty Simon replied "You sort of did." Alas, farewell the Pride of Puerto Rico. Following Jorge was an equally bad performance from Megan Corkrey. Her twisting and flailing and irritating voice makes me think she'd be more at home singing for a folk-rock band, doing gigs in small clubs where she could garner a small cult following. Her annoying version of the Jackson 5 hit "Rockin' Robin" was a joke. Norman Gentle had more cred than this girl.

Adam strutted on stage next followed by Matt Giraud. Matt is one to watch - he looked exceedingly comfortable behind the piano singing "Human Nature" and was in stark contrast to Scott. He struggled at the end with a broken falsetto, but all in all, this was my second favourite performance of Week One. Lastly, the cute little "Amazing Grace" Alexis Grace showed us all that she has some slut hidden deep within her maternal bones. It was a great way to end the evening, even though Simon made the comment "It wasn't as good as you thought it was".

See you next week.

by Idol Man

Idol Man Speaks - The Long Road

It's a long, hard road from auditions to becoming a finalist on American Idol. Now in its eighth season, Idol has consistently been able to discover exceptional talent amidst the thousands of hopefuls across the United States who think they have what it takes to become a superstar.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for the audition shows. It's that Chuck Barris point of view that everyone wants to see people make fools of themselves, to laugh at other people's misgivings and lack of perceived talent. But it's also a depressing affair witnessing the delusions of people who actually think they can sing. In an age where everyone wants to be famous, honest self-perception is sorely lacking.

However, American Idol wouldn't be American Idol without the hapless souls howling like drowned cats at audition time, now would it?

For the first time in it's eight-year history, there are thirteen contestants instead of the usual twelve. The lucky 13th Idol was the "Dogg", Anoop Desai, who was visibly emotional after being told by Simon that the judges had agreed to include him in the finalists. Anoop made a big impression at audition time, penning his own nickname "Anoop Dogg" with an amused Randy. The guy could sing, yet was told in no uncertain terms that he needed some image work. After illustrating some crazy dance moves on last week's Wild Card show, Anoop could easily be considered the "dark horse" of the competition (or perhaps the "underdogg").

The judges got it right with their decisions last week. Megan Corkrey has an interesting voice that needs to be explored - let's just hope she ditches the "quirky" act and concentrates on her own "self" (unless that is her own "self", which will become exceedingly tiresome as the show progresses). Ditching Tatiana was the best decision of the night. Sure, the girl has a set of lungs, but her personality was akin to being trapped in an elevator with someone experiencing severe flatulence - you just can't wait to get away from it!

Of the thirteen finalists, my picks for longevity in the competition must go to Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Jorge Nunez. Danny is an amiable guy and an obvious crowd favourite. He may not be the most impressive vocalist in the competition, but his highly likeable persona is going to take him far. Allison, on the other hand, has a towering voice that was brilliantly displayed with her rendition of Heart's "Alone". Her performance set the benchmark for the rest of the contestants - she could easily have replaced Heart's Ann or Nancy Wilson on tour if she had have been alive in the 1970s. As for Jorge, the Pride of Puerto Rico - I just like this guy. His infectious spirit was clearly on display when he told the judges that he could only think and express himself in Spanish due to his nervous disposition after making it through. Go Jorge!

As for the remaining contestants, it will be as interesting as always to watch how they progress through the competition. Adam Lambert is a bona fide entertainer, yet he seems somewhat silicone in his presentation. His mantra to evolve his song choices into new and exciting renditions smacks of David Cook-wannabe. David achieved success last season by reinventing songs, yet it came from an honest place. It was David being David. Adam seems to have taken his cue from Cook and wants to cash-in on a previously successful formula.

With the first Finals show airing later this week, my choice for the first person to be ousted would lie with Jasmine. It is tough for many of the Idols to perform well when they are put on stage for the first time accompanied by a band. This was evident in the previous three weeks when a decent majority of the contestants faltered, some struggling to keep their vocal place with the band. Jasmine displayed much promise in her audition and the following weeks, but slipped somewhat when it came to the crunch. The judges, recalling her potential, rightfully put her through, but I feel she is going to struggle again when it's her time to take the stage this week.

by Idol Man